TOP 10 best outdoor games !

The sunny days are here, it’s time to get outside and play outdoor games with our friends! We have put together a new TOP 10 (non-exhaustive) of the best outdoor games to play with friends !

Outdoor games that require equipment

1. Spikeball, are you agile enough?

Very popular lately! This fairly energy-intensive team sport 😅 is played with a small trampoline that is placed on the ground. The goal ? Bounce the ball on the trampoline in such a way as to make it impossible for the opposing team to recover it. Be responsive! Spikeball is easy to learn and accessible to everyone, you just need to be a little agile! The small trampoline is easy to transport.

Get the beginner kit 👉 Spikeball-Roundset

2. Mölkky, the classic of outdoor games

Armed with the throwing stick, the Mölkky, the players compete to knock down wooden pins marked 1 to 12. The first team to score 50 points, no more, no less, wins the game. Mölkky is a simple and very friendly game which is always a pleasure at the start of the evening during an aperitif for example, easily transportable, you can take it to the park or to the beach!

This way 👉 to get the Mölkky Original

3. Games with ball or balloons

Here we leave you free to choose the different possible outdoor games with a ball. We often forget to take a ball when we go out with our friends, and yet this simple object offers hundreds of games to play outdoors!

We have some affinities with tomatoes and dodgeballs, and you? 👀

Be careful if you play dodgeball, use a foam ball like this one, because getting hurt is no fun!

4. Badminton !

We are seeing more and more badminton players in parks, many kits allow for easy transport and simple net installation! When the good weather returns, hitting the wheel near a pond or in a clearing is very pleasant. 😌

best outdoor games : badminton !

5. The waiter or waitress game (jeu du garçon de café)

You want to train for a future student job or simply have a fun time with your friends. Inspired by the profession, the “jeu du garçon de café”, in french, consists of carrying a filled tray, too full, along a defined route. Put down all the glasses and you’re done. Did a drink fall on you? Return to stock up at departure. 😂

Stay focused or you will end up soaked!

Outdoor games without equipment

6. Truth or Dare

Is there really a better game other than this? We offer you our Truth or Dare app, spend an evening with friends by taking on numerous challenges. The application also allows you to create your own pledges! 😏

Click here to download our application!

7. Chubby bunny

This game will always make us laugh, ideal to do if you are also feeling a bit peckish. The principle is simple: put a marshmallow in your mouth and say “Chubby bunny”. Repeat, adding a marshmallow each time, until you can no longer pronounce the word. Whoever manages to put the most in their mouth without spitting and being understandable wins!

Don’t hurt yourself, if you can’t take it anymore, spit it out and drink a large glass of water ! 😌

8. Water fight !

Speaking of water… Who says outdoor games, says good weather, says heat & inevitably water bomb battle! Quite a refreshing game, right? With the heat, a good water fight always feels good. Be original, you can obviously choose the classic balloons, but what would a mix between airsoft and water fight look like? A battle royal 👑 with water guns, why not ? 🤔

9. Geocaching

Geocaching, a real life-size treasure hunt! Armed with your smartphone, go looking for caches hidden in the most unusual places (it’s very, very hard sometimes). The little extra is opening the cache, you never know what you’ll find there! Take a pen to leave a little note inside the caches!

You can create your own caches with friends, but we strongly recommend the Geocaching application which is very complete and which tells you by area where the caches near you are. Will you be able to find them ? 👀

best outdoor games : geocaching

10. On the 21st, do you have a good memory?

The game of 21 is historically an alcohol game, but can be played in a Sober Party with software or pledges, it’s up to you to adapt according to your desires. The goal ? Managing to count to 21 by adding one, two or three numbers each turn is up to everyone, without being the one who says “21”. Whoever says 21 must drink and replace one of the digits/numbers with a word. Then we restart.

You will understand that in the end it will become complicated to remember everything! 😂 Each game fault is considered a penalty (drinking or pledges).

Sporty or not, with or without money, we hope that we have given you ideas for games to do outdoors for your next outings with friends!

Download the Truth or Dare app through the Apple Store for iOS Download the Truth or Dare app through the Google Play Store for Android

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