Things To Do With Family
Discover ideas for family outings that will appeal to children, teenagers and parents. Outdoor activities, board games for the whole family, themed weekends, have fun with the seasons!

Things To Do With Family

Texas Hold’em: Beyoncé viral on TikTok, ready to country dance ?
Texas Hold’em: Beyoncé viral on TikTok, ready to country dance ?

Texas Hold’em, a real poker move from Beyoncé that is going viral on TikTok! Watching artists dance has always been a wonderful sight, but with the emergence of […]

Saint Patrick's day with the family: 6 activity ideas
Saint Patrick’s day with the family: 6 activity ideas 🍀

From its religious origins, Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved into a wonderful opportunity to have fun with the whole family. To help you have a fun-filled day with […]

liven up your holiday meals
Liven up your holiday meals : 5 family activities

Holiday meals with the family are THE must at the end of the year, but let’s face it… they can get pretty monotonous. Liven up your holiday meals […]

Illustration for the article Anecdotes challenge the hilarious game to try this summer!
Anecdotes challenge: the fun game to try this summer!

Hey, you! Yes, you, who’s looking for a crazy idea to spice up your summer evenings with friends! We’ve got just the thing for you: the Anecdotes challenge […]

Illustration of the article purity test teen version what is your score
Purity test teen version: what is your score?

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect season to relax, hang out with friends and have fun! If you’re looking for ideas to add some fun to your […]

Illustration of the article try not to laugh the best party game
Try not to laugh: the best party game

The game try not to laugh can be played easily and everywhere, ideal if you have a little wait or you are looking for something to have fun […]

Illustration of the article win or dare best challenge with friends
Win or dare: best challenge with friends

Are you seeing your friends soon? What if you take the opportunity to play win or dare 🤩? Known on YouTube and a real trend on TikTok, this […]

Group of teenage friends playing challenge who is the most likely to?
Who is most likely to questions : TikTok challenge

We love these little games like “would you rather” or “he is a 10 but…” that we can play with family, brothers and sisters, cousins and even friends! […]

Two teenagers play the “he’s a 10 but” challenge
He’s a 10 but challenge – Teens edition

Are you looking for games for teens, something to laugh at during your pajama parties, learn crispy things about your friends like with Truth or Dare game? So […]

Teens laugh at their pajama party while playing party games for teenagers
Pajama party for girls : the 5 best party games for teenagers

You want to organize a pajama party with your friends? We’ll let you take care of the decor for your girl’s night out and we’ll find you the best party […]

A family playing a board game at home
The 5 best family board games

Gather your family members around a family board game for an afternoon or an evening and share a moment of laughs! To help you find the best family board games, […]

family activity pumpkin cutting workshop with children
Top 5 ideas Fall family activities

Fall is here! If you too love this season and are looking for something to bring the family out to have fun then you are on the right […]