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10 Activities to do with friends at home!

When you see your friends, you often want to spend a lot of time with them and do special things that will stay with you. But most of the time, this implies a substantial budget and the possibility of doing these activities in the open air.
Today, we suggest you spend some quality time with your friends, at no cost (or not too much anyway) and without having to leave your home! Here are 10 activities to do with friends at home. If that’s not enough! 😎

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5 original ideas for activities with friends!

  • Make an amateur film, with phones, script, costumes… It will be fun, and maybe reveal the hidden career of some people!
  • Initiate yourself to paper role-playing! Indeed, there is nothing better than having fun around a table to bring people together. By using very short pre-made scenarios, or by creating your own story in a known or invented universe, you can discover a universe you never knew existed! Bring fictional characters to life, or play your own character… It may be scary at first glance… But we guarantee you’ll have a great time!
  • Organise game tournaments! Whether it’s a video game or a backyard Olympics, let your imagination run wild and see who is the most competitive among you!
  • If you don’t have the budget to do one, we suggest you try to create your own escape game at home! Or if that seems too complicated to do, you can always try a treasure hunt in your living room! Determine a prize for the winner, and a token for the losers. 😈
  • Take yourself for the stars that you are! Imitate, parody, pay tribute to singers you admire or whose songs you love, and illustrate yourself by doing a karaoke! If some of you are shy or not game, force them to do it with a lost pawn or a game of Truth or Dare!
    This activity is compatible with the idea of making a film. You may not even need to create characters!
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But if these activities to do with friends are a bit too difficult to set up, or your mates aren’t keen, here are 5 other more classic ideas you can do together. We’ve spiced them up a bit so they’re not too mundane either. 👀

Activities to do with friends, 5 more classic ideas…

  • Make yourself a TV marathon: series, movies in long version, we don’t count the possibilities that are offered to you, especially if you have a Netflix or Prime Video subscription. 😏
  • Bring your board games and after having a good laugh playing them, we suggest you try to create your own game with the elements you have at hand! It doesn’t matter what the medium is, the aim is to mix a bit of everything you know and see what comes out. It will be something much crazier than just playing a game, and then you can brag about creating one.
  • Get ready for some quizzes! You can quiz yourself on anything you want, a series, a movie, blindtests, general knowledge… There are plenty of topics!
  • Play Loup Garou or Among Us in real life! Designate two or more imposters and unmask them! (requires a non-player)
  • Spa day at home, classic but still effective! Take care of yourself and relax! You’ll come out feeling more zen and calm. 😊
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With all these ideas for activities to do with friends at home, you should be able to find your happiness! Special mention for the brave ones who will go above and beyond to do the most daring ones. You just need to have friends who are just as cheerful as you are to carry them out 😉

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