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The best ideas for the I dare you game!

Do you remember those games you used to play as a child? Those heady rhymes that went on for hours and hours, those games that always went too far… Here we tell you about the I dare you game. Mainly aimed at children, it’s time to remaster the game into a more adult version! Especially since it’s one of the timeless games with friends that have lasted through the ages… That’s all! Some actors have even made films about it, and influencers have redesigned the game with an app. Shortly, each person have its own version of the game! Here is ours 😉

A little reminder of the basic principle of the game! 

The I dare you game is very easy to play. This game requires very little equipment, some paper and a pen (possibly) and otherwise all you need is a large dose of imagination and spontaneity! You need a reward to win and a punishment for each player who refuses to complete one of the challenges. Otherwise it’s too simple “oh well i can’t do that, neeeext…” 😫
This game between friends doesn’t need to be time limited, you can play it for years even! Just keep in mind that this game can become dangerous for you and/or others if you don’t set limits for yourself. It is essential to play this challenging game with people you trust! Don’t become delinquents because it takes the I dare you game crazier than the last one… Yes yes, we know you 👀

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List of ideas for the I dare you game

  • I dare you to sing 3 songs of a shameful singer (Spice Girls, Bieber,…)
  • I dare you to put toothpaste on your nose until the end of the game! 
  • I dare you to spill your drink on your head first.
  • I dare you to do 10 pull-ups or push-ups.
  • I dare you to run naked outside while singing the national anthem.
  • I dare you to spell parallelepiped without making mistakes (it’s more complicated after a few drinks 😈).
  • I dare you to peel a fruit with your teeth
  • I dare you to send a message to someone important (parent, boss, ex…) using only auto-fill
  • I dare you to reveal to others the biggest file on the person on your left
  • I dare you to make others guess a scene from a film by miming it
  • I dare you to prepare the worst mix of alcohol and make the player on your left drink it
  • I dare you to swap clothes with the player in front of you
  • I dare you to eat a spoonful of harissa
  • I dare you to simulate an orgasm
  • I dare you to eat 5 small butters in less than 20 seconds
  • I dare you to use make-up (lipstick, pencil…) and to draw a carrot on your face without using a mirror
  • I dare you to send a DM on the networks to your celebrity crush
  • I dare you to name the first 3 things that come into your head
  • I dare you to make the player of your choice eat a flanby/yoghurt while both are blindfolded
  • I dare you to tell the most embarrassing anecdote about yourself to others

It certainly started as a joke and ended as a challenge! (We didn’t say that it was clever 🙄) Challenges, all the time, every day, at any age. Big or small, trivial, extreme… That’s part of the charm of the I dare you game! But let’s be reasonable 😉

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