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5 timeless games with friends

There are some games that we all know and that have stood the test of time. Maybe you and your friends even love board games! We had already found you the best games to play with friends. Today, back to the timeless games! Most of them have even been adapted into video games or mobile games. Very convenient to play remotely! We offer you a list of 5 timeless games to do with friends thanks to which you will inevitably have a good time.


The great champion of our draft sheets, hours of permanence… What memories! To play it, nothing simpler: friends, sheets and a pen for each player. For those who have forgotten, the concept is simple: you make a table with several categories (First names, City, Fruits, Animal, …) and you choose a random letter! The player who finishes filling all the categories first wins the round. Then you choose a new letter, and so on. The winner of the game is the one who has the most points in total. There is even a web version of Scattergories, which allows you to play remotely.
Ready, set, go! Write it up!

Monopoly, the classic timeless game

Is it really necessary to re-explain the rules of Monopoly? Especially since now there is an astronomical amount of versions of them: with blue card, a special cheaters, or even in the image of your favorite series/movies. We no longer count the number of Marvel Monopoly, Harry Potter or Star Wars that exist… Proof that it is indeed a timeless game!
In order not to be encumbered, there is a completely digital version of the game, available in particular on Steam! The game is called Business Tour. And after trying it, we can assure you that it’s very cool. The hassles and other arrangements with the banker are less obvious that said. 

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Undercover – The Imposter 

The game of The Imposter is a classic, but it’s certainly the least known of all we’re introducing you to: the Undercover Game. The goal of the game is simple though: unmask the Imposter(s). To do this, all players are given the same secret word. The impostor receives a slightly different word than the other players. His objective is to pretend to be one of the players. Easy, isn’t it?If you do this game in real life, with all your friends, you might have to appoint someone as a referee, who will be in charge of finding the secret word and choosing the Impostors. There are several mobile apps or websites that allow you to avoid excluding a player. 

Uno, the most colorful of timeless games 

Do we really need to explain Uno to you again? This classic card game is still as popular as ever and has even been adapted into video games by Ubisoft! Still convenient to play it online, and you can even, like Monopoly, find game variations! The Immortal Fenyx Rising license has actually earned its version of the game. The goal of the game is still simple: get rid of all your cards to win the game. As soon as you have one card left, you announce “Uno”. We know…

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The Pictionary: Gartic Phone

Pictionary is one of the timelessgame that is one of the most creative and complicated. As for this game, it is a good exercise in communication. Its variations are even better. Imagine yourself with a headset, music blasting, and trying to make yourself understood by articulating. Imagine the perfect mix of the two! There you’ve got the Gartic Phone! You will alternate drawing and titling the drawing of others. Several types of games are available, fast, random, accelerated… No matter which mode you choose, the more you are, the more fun you will have! And who knows, you might even find yourself as an artist?

The selection of these games is based on the fact that they are timeless and updated. Whether it’s a more modern look, new features, or the fact that they are dematerialized… These timeless games work because they are mythical! We hope your competitive spirit is sharpened and your friends fair-play 👀

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