Free activities for summer : have fun without money !

Free activities for summer : have fun without money !

As soon as you go out, you spend money… True or False ? Summer is approaching quickly, and you’re probably wondering how to keep yourself occupied without dipping too much into your savings. We’ll present you with some free summer activities so you can enjoy this sunny season without going broke. 👛

Outdoor games have already been listed in this article if you’re interested!

Whether you’re in the city, the countryside, or even at home, you’ll surely find an activity that you’ll enjoy. 😎

Outdoor free activities

Hiking and Walking

Nothing beats a good hike to recharge and enjoy nature. Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, there are surely hiking trails nearby or parks to visit. Don’t hesitate to search online or ask locals for the best spots.


A picnic is the quintessential summer activity! Okay, it’s not 100% free because of the food, but be creative – there are surely some leftovers in your fridge! Prepare a basket with sandwiches, fruits, cold drinks, and a blanket, and set up on a grassy area or by the beach or river. Invite your friends to do the same and share the food – you’ll eat like royalty! 👑

Outdoor free activities : picnics

Exercise !

Take advantage of the nice weather to get moving!

You can:

  • Run
  • Bike
  • Rollerblade
  • Or even play frisbee in a park (yes, it’s a sport!)

Some cities also offer free outdoor exercise classes during the summer. 🤸‍♀️ Fitness trails are also available in many places – challenge a friend to join you! 💪

Outdoor free activities : exercise !

Free cultural activities

Visit a Museum for Free

Many museums offer free or discounted admission during the summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover temporary exhibits or places you’ve never visited. You can make your visit more active by bringing a pencil and paper and trying to reproduce what you see! ✍️

Free Cultural Activities: Visit a Museum

Street festivals

Street festivals are often free and offer shows, music, dance, and food stands. Check what events are planned in your city or region. You may discover unknown artists or flavors you’ve never tasted before! 🤤


If there’s one place where access to culture comes closest to being free, it’s libraries! Some require an annual membership, but most are free, at least for browsing. Libraries are a real treasure trove for young people thirsty for culture. You can borrow books, magazines, and even movies and video games for free! 🎮

Libraries are also very lively places, with many events taking place. Some organize board game afternoons, reading circles & debates, or writing workshops during the summer, and most of the time, it’s free! 🆓

At-Home free activities

Series or Movie Marathons

A classic but effective option. What’s better than a good series or movie marathon to relax during the hot summer days? It’s the perfect time to introduce your childhood series and/or cartoons to your friends. With a fresh lemonade and some snacks, blinds closed and windows open. 😌

At-Home Activities: Series or Movie Marathons

Board Games

Organize a game night at your place or in a park for a card or board game session outdoors. We’ve already written some articles on this topic, feel free to check them out 👀

Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer or a series binge-watcher, there’s something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to explore the options and let your creativity run wild. 

The important thing is to have fun and spend the summer without spending too much money. So, which of these free activities will you try first?

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