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A must-have game to play: would you rather between friends!

Among the other timeless games to play with friends that we all know is the dilemma game, aka Would you rather! Whether you want to share a rant with your friends, break the ice with strangers or just get to know the group you’re in better, Would you rather between friends is definitely the game to play on a night out. 👀 So, are you ready to discover our list of 50 questions to answer the best dilemmas on this would you rather between friends?

A quick reminder of the rules of the game Would you rather between friends

Playing Would you rather be between friends is easy! Yes, we’ll remind you of the rules for those who haven’t had the chance to play… You just have to write the questions in the form of impossible dilemmas on pieces of paper or post-it notes and mix them in a container (bowl, hat…). Then one of the players draws a question and asks it to another player.
If you are playing in pairs: take turns to play, choose a question and answer it truthfully. Then repeat this process until there are no more questions.
If you are playing with more than two people, it’s the same (or almost). Either you choose to ask the question to the person of your choice, or as an open question that all players can answer, or someone decides who you should ask. 

The 25 fun questions for playing with friends

  • Do you prefer: Marvel or DC? 
  • Would you rather: lose your sight or your hearing?
  • Would you rather: relive the same day for a year or forget the three most important years of your life?
  • Do you prefer: being hot or cold?
  • Would you rather: go scuba diving or go into space?
  • Would you rather: eat a hamburger or a pizza?
  • Would you rather: to be able to go back in time or to read the future ?
  • Would you rather: be beautiful or particularly intelligent ?
  • Would you rather: have a permanent runny nose or a scratchy throat? 
  • Would you rather: spend a year in prison or do a year in the army ?
  • Would you rather: have an extra organ or a missing one? (breasts, testicles, etc.)
  • Would you rather: live in a tree house or in a cave ?
  • Would you rather: always telling the truth or always lying?
  • Would you rather: to be rich or to be powerful? (to have power, influence)
  • Would you rather: be a child in an adult’s body or an adult in a child’s body?
  • Do you prefer: Twitter or Insta?
  • Would you rather: be a bird or a fish?
  • Would you rather: earn 50 000€ in one go or earn 5€/day all your life ?
  • Would you rather: have toes instead of fingers or fingers instead of toes?
  • Would you rather: not be able to change your clothes for a month or not be able to wash for a month?
  • Would you rather: be done with racism or sexism?
  • Would you rather: show your internet history to your parents or your boss?
  • Would you rather: not use the internet for a week or be hungover for two weeks?
  • Would you rather: arrive late to your wedding or have your partner arrive late to your wedding?
  • Would you rather: know when you are going to die or how?
  • Would you rather: be with someone you love or someone who loves you?
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25 hotter questions for a Would you rather between friends!

  • Would you rather: tell your crush that you’re not interested in them or have them tell you that they’re not into you?
  • Would you rather: end a first date with a hot kiss or with sex?
  • Would you rather: pay someone to have sex with you or get paid to do it?
  • Would you rather : tie up your partner or be tied up during sex ?
  • Would you rather: jerk off a mate and no one knows, or not do it and everyone thinks you did it?
  • Would you rather: sell girls’ used panties on the internet or be a phone sex host?
  • Would you rather: be on top or underneath?
  • Would you rather : give a blow job or receive one ?
  • Would you rather : tell your last erotic dream or your greatest fantasy ?
  • Would you rather : masturbate with your partner or alone ?
  • Would you rather : lick whipped cream or nutella off your partner’s body ?
  • Do you prefer: having sex with the same person all your life or having a different sexual partner every time you have sex?
  • Do you prefer: to have sex in the morning or in the evening?
  • Do you prefer: giving or receiving a lap dance?
  • Do you prefer : having an orgasm as soon as you hear Adele or screaming “Hello, from the other side” as soon as you have an orgasm ? 
  • Would you rather: watch your partner have sex with someone else or have them watch you have sex with someone else?
  • Would you rather: wear a chastity belt for a year or become a sex slave for a month? 
  • Would you rather: masturbate with or without porn?
  • Would you rather : have sex with the lights on or off ?
  • Would you rather : cheat on your partner or be cheated on ?
  • Would you rather : never feel your orgasms or have several at the same time ?
  • Would you rather : dominate or be dominated ?
  • Do you prefer : to have a threesome with two men or with two women ?
  • Do you prefer : to have foreplay or to have sex ?
  • Would you rather : being caught touching yourself or having sex ?
  • Do you prefer: your mates or your partner?

If you’ve had your fill of the fun questions in this Would you rather between friends’ game, and you think it’s time to take it to the next level, we hope you’re happy with our hotter questions! When we say it’s a great icebreaker 😈

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