Illustration of a Secret Santa with friends

Secret Santa with friends! 

Have you ever thought of organizing a Secret Santa with friends ? No ? Let us show you how fun and easy it is to do ! 🎁✨

Secret Santa, already, what is it ?

Secret Santa is Christmas before Christmas, only more fun and with friends! You pick a friend at random and give them an awesome gift without them even knowing it’s you. How fun is that?

A good time with friends

With family, friends or even at school, it’s a fun way to exchange gifts without breaking the bank. So, if you want to avoid breaking the piggy bank and have a good time, this is a great option! You agree on a budget, and everyone’s happy.

You discover each other’s tastes, passions and even little secrets. In short, it makes everyone thoughtful and creative! 🥰

How do you organize your Secret Santa ?

Organizing your Secret Santa with friends couldn’t be easier! Either do an old-fashioned draw with scraps of paper, or take it up a notch by doing it online.

Top 3 Secret Santa online :

A little tip to avoid unpleasant surprises, ask your friends to prepare a wishlist to help you make the right choice…✅ You can also choose to give discreetly or reveal your identity, it’s up to you.

What do you offer for a Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is the perfect opportunity to make your own gift, it’s a nice attention and nothing will please your friends more!

DIY gift

Here’s a short list of Easy DIY gifts :

  • A personalized photo album of you and your friend to preserve your best moments (add funny anecdotes for each photo) 📸
  • Handmade cosmetics to offer your friend a relaxing moment (soap, massage oil, lip balm) 🧼
  • A piece of jewelry (pearl necklace, ring and Brazilian bracelets) 💍
  • A canvas, why not make a beautiful painting for your friend? 🎨

If you’re lazy and lack inspiration, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Right here you can find our Christmas gift ideas for under 30 euros !

Opening presents!

And now it’s your turn! Choose a date that’s convenient for everyone to open presents together! There are no rules about the location: at a friend’s house, at school, in a park… The important thing is that everyone is there, and that we all share the joy of opening presents together! 🤗

There, now you’re ready to organize the best Secret Santa with friends ! It’s going to be memorable! 🎉

opening presents with friends
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