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The 5 best family board games

Gather your family members around a family board game for an afternoon or an evening and share a moment of laughs! To help you find the best family board games, we have created a top 5 of the best board games for your future family activities.

Family board game: Last Message

Last Message proposes you to solve an investigation thanks to your sense of observation and deduction!

This family board game is made up of a huge illustration teeming with “Where’s Charlie” details. The players will be separated in two teams, there will be on one side the criminal and his victim, and on the other side, the inspectors. First of all, the criminal will choose a character on the illustration, which he will embody throughout the game.

The goal of the game is simple: the inspectors must find the character that the criminal embodies, using the messages sent by the victim through a slate of 9 boxes, all in four rounds maximum.

The subtlety of Last Message is that during each round, the criminal can erase boxes that the victim has used to transmit his clue in order to disturb the inspectors.

But don’t panic, the number of squares he can sabotage will reduce as the game progresses.

Last Message The 5 best family board games

Players: 3 to 8
Age: 8+

Family board game: Punto

If you know the Connect 4 and you like the concept, then you will love Punto!

In this family board game, each player has cards of a color of their own, numbered from 1 to 9. The object of the game is to align 4 cards of the same color, as in the Connect 4! And if the card of one of your opponents gets in your way, and the number of your card is higher than the number displayed on the opponent’s card, then you can put your card on top and perhaps create a line in order to win the part !

For for those who would like to have the instructions in English you can easily find them and buy the game in an other language like in french for example (as this is only the colors and dots in the card which are important to play the game), if you can’t find it in english.

Punto the best family board game

Players: 2 to 4
Age: 7+

Family board game: Chabyrinthe

With this family board game, you can vary the games and atmospheres thanks to the five game modes: classic for all, kittens for the youngest, solitary, cooperative and by team.

The goal of Chabyrinthe game is to enable each cat on the board to reach a roof, to do this you can move and rotate the gutter cards according to specific processes in order to earn as many points as possible!

Chabyrinthe the best family board game for children

Players: 1 to 4
Age: 6+

Family board game: Potion Explosion

In this family board game, as its name suggests, you will have to make the most explosions in order to create a large number of potions, to perhaps win the most skill tokens and win the game! Create violent explosions by mixing balls of the same color to prepare your potions faster. Play Potion Explosion as a family and complete 3 Potions of the same power or 5 Potions of 5 different powers to win the game!

Potion explosion The 5 best family board games

Players: 2 to 4
Age: 8+

Family board game: Concept

Concept is one of the best family board games. As a team, you will have to make the opposing player guess a word by giving indications using the pawns that you can put on the icons on the board. This game is intended to be a universal communication game that approaches concepts rather than words. 

Thus, you will have to turn things over in your head to go beyond the description when you have to make the opposing player guess a word.

Also, rest assured, the opposing player has everything to gain by finding and understanding your indications, because if he guesses your word, he earns points, just like you! Discover this family board game and spend hours of fun!

Concept the best family board game for teens

Players: 4 to 12
Age: 10+

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