Whos most likely to : Best friends edition !

Whos most likely to : Best friends edition !

After our article “It’s a 10 But…” , and in addition to our previous article. Let’s revisit together the Whos most likely to challenge, one of the most popular challenges on TikTok.

You’ve probably heard of the famous TikTok challenge, Whos most likely to, haven’t you? If you’re looking for a fun and hilarious way to test how well you know your best friend, you’re in the right place!

Whos most likely to challenge: what is it ?

For those who haven’t been following, Whos most likely to is a TikTok challenge where participants answer a series of questions about who, between two people, is more likely to do certain things or exhibit particular behaviors. It ranges from the simplest and most amusing actions to the most surprising and unexpected revelations! Imagine you and your best friend answering questions like “Who among us is the funniest?” or “Who among us laughs at their own lame jokes?” 🤣

It promises laughter and moments of closeness… or not! 😈

A historic TikTok challenge

If you’re a TikTok enthusiast, you’ve probably already seen videos of this hilarious challenge scrolling through your “For You” page with the hashtag #whosmostlikelytochallenge. Indeed, Whos most likely to has become one of the most popular challenges, if not THE most popular, on the platform, attracting millions of people worldwide to participate and share their funniest moments with friends.

Whether answering questions with gestures, facial expressions, or simply by looking each other in the eyes, this challenge is a surefire way to create fun memories with your closest friends.

Personally, we love the version where both close their eyes! 👀

Whos most likely to : questions ideas

Now, you’re probably wondering what are the most common questions found in this TikTok challenge, right? Well, here’s a glimpse of some of the most popular questions circulating on the platform:

  • Who among us doesn’t wake up in the morning? ⏰
  • Who among us makes unnecessary purchases? 🛍️
  • Who among us cries while watching a movie? 🍿
  • Who among us is the most caring? 🥰
  • Who among us influences the other? 😎
  • Who among us sleeps the most in class? 💤

Why is this challenge unmissable?

Beyond mere entertainment, the Whos most likely challenge is a way to strengthen friendship bonds and discover new aspects of your best friend’s personality. Moreover, this challenge has become very viral due to its diversity: whether with family, as a couple, or with friends, everyone can make it their own!

Some choose to close their eyes, others opt to use shoes to answer, while some do it with more than two people, etc. By answering these sometimes quirky, sometimes serious questions, you’ll get to know your friends better. 🫶

So, who among you is ready to bring out their ring light? It’s your turn to play ! 📱😈

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