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Purity test teen version: what is your score?

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect season to relax, hang out with friends and have fun! If you’re looking for ideas to add some fun to your holiday, why not try the purity test? This fun party game like the try not to laugh challenge has become very popular and allows you to test your morality and your purity 😈. Imagine playing a fresh lemonade in your hand by the pool, do you fancy it? 🤩

How to play the purity test?

The purity test is easy to play and requires no special equipment. You can play it alone or with your friends (trivia guaranteed!), and the results can be compared to see who is the purest. This game is a great way to get to know each other better and have a great time together. But remember: results don’t define who you are as a person, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. So why not add some fun to your vacation by playing the purity test with your friends?

It’s a fun game that will allow you to create unforgettable memories!

Example of purity test:

Are you ready to discover your level of purity? Answer these fun questions and find out if you and your friends are as pure as you think!

Remember to take notes! 🖊

For each answer a), do not add any points to your purity test score.
For each answer b), add 5 points to your purity score.
For each answer c), add 10 points to your purity score.

Have you ever stolen anything ?

  • a) Never is bad
  • b) Once, but it was to help
  • c) Many times it was exciting

Have you ever cheated on an exam?

  • a) Never, it’s dishonest
  • b) Once, but it was to avoid failure
  • c) Several times is easy

You are invited to a party and you are offered to drink alcohol, you:

  • a) Politely decline, you don’t drink
  • b) Hesitates a bit but ends up accepting
  • c) Drink as much as the others, you want to have fun

You are at a party and you see someone you like. You:

  • a) Go talk to him and try to seduce him/her
  • b) Throws suggestive looks but don’t dare talk to him
  • c) Observe him from afar without daring to approach him

Your best friend calls you in the middle of the night because he/she needs to talk, you:

  • a) Respond immediately and listen carefully
  • b) Responds but is annoyed at being disturbed
  • c) Do not answer and wait until the next day to talk about it

When you are invited to a party, do you prefer:

  • a) Stay home and watch Netflix
  • b) Spend the evening dancing
  • c) Chatting with other guests

You have an important test tomorrow and you haven’t studied, you:

  • a) Study all night to be ready
  • b) Revise a little but end up resting
  • c) Don’t revise at all and hope you’ll be fine

You are eating and you see an insect on your plate, you:

  • a) Eat it anyway, you don’t mind
  • b) Throw it away immediately and eat nothing more
  • c) Take it out and continue to eat

Have you ever lied to avoid punishment?

  • a) Never, you are always honest
  • b) Once, but it was to avoid unfair punishment
  • c) Many times, you have to know how to defend yourself

A close friend told you a secret you shouldn’t share, but someone asks you, you:

  • a) Don’t say anything, it’s your secret
  • b) Hesitate a bit but finally say it
  • c) Say it without hesitation, you can’t keep a secret

Here are the results :

If your result is between 0 points and 25 points, wisdom animates you 😇
If your result is between 26% points and 50 points, it looks like you tested a few things… 😏
If your result is between 51% points and 75 points, you switch to the dark side of the force! 😱
If your result is between 76% points and 100 points, you are definitely Darth Vader! 😈

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