TikTok : new search engine for young people

TikTok : new search engine for young people

The TikTok app has evolved beyond just a social network for sharing entertaining videos. It has become a massive repository of data and information, with more and more users, especially young people, using it as a search engine.

Nearly 40% of TikTok users aged 16 to 24 report using the app to search for various topics, ranging from fashion to news, trends, and even tutorials, such as finding a recipe.

This trend can be attributed to TikTok’s ease of use and the “relevance” of the results it offers, often in the form of short, engaging videos. Users feel they can quickly find the information they need without spending too much time digesting it. For instance, people tend to prefer a recipe tutorial over an article on a cooking website.

How to search on TikTok

Searching on TikTok is incredibly simple. Just type your keyword into the search bar, and TikTok’s algorithm will present you with a plethora of videos related to your query. You can further refine your search using filters like location, language, or popularity.

Why use TikTok for searches?

The main appeal of TikTok as a search engine lies in its short and dynamic video format. Young people, accustomed to consuming content quickly and visually, particularly appreciate this approach. Additionally, TikTok videos are often created by everyday users, giving them a more authentic and accessible feel compared to traditional search engine results.

Advantages of TikTok as a search engine

  • Short, engaging video format
  • Content often created by everyday users, making it more authentic
  • Relevant algorithm that aligns with young people’s interests
  • Opportunity to discover new topics through algorithm recommendations

Disadvantages of TikTok as a search engine

While TikTok has become a popular search tool, it’s important to be cautious about the reliability of the information shared. As with any social network, misinformation and fake news can spread quickly. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify sources and cross-check information with other reliable sources.

🚨 Always verify your sources and cross-check information.

How to verify if information is true

To ensure the reliability of information, it’s essential to cross-check sources and verify their origins. 

Here are some key steps to follow :

  1. Identify the author or media outlet behind the information. Check their credibility by looking into their expertise on the subject.
  2. Conduct research on other reputable sites to confirm or refute the reported facts.

Here are five credible sites :

  • Reuters (www.reuters.com) – International news agency known for factual journalism
  • BBC News (www.bbc.com/news) – BBC’s news service with an experienced team of journalists
  • The New York Times (www.nytimes.com) – Influential daily known for investigative journalism
  • Al Jazeera (www.aljazeera.com) – News channel offering a Middle Eastern perspective
  • Le Monde Diplomatique (www.monde-diplomatique.fr) – French review providing critical analysis of international relations

3. Pay attention to details like publication dates, cited sources, and any errors or inconsistencies. 🤷

By cross-checking multiple reliable sources and meticulously verifying information, you can form a more informed opinion on the topics that interest you.

Alternative search engines to TikTok

Several search engines offer different features and benefits, such as privacy protection, environmental respect, or more relevant results in specific areas.

If you’re not convinced by TikTok as a search engine, here are five interesting alternatives :

  • DuckDuckGo: Privacy-respecting search engine that doesn’t track user activity. It offers relevant search results without targeted ads.
  • Ecosia: Eco-friendly search engine that uses its ad revenue to plant trees. It provides a clean interface and quality results.
  • Bing: Microsoft’s search engine with smart features like visual and voice search. It also offers relevant local search results.
  • Startpage: Anonymous search engine that protects privacy by routing queries through a secure proxy.
  • Brave Search: New search engine from the Brave browser, focused on privacy protection and independence from big tech companies.
Alternative search engines to TikTok

Whether you choose TikTok or another alternative, the important thing is to stay curious and always verify the reliability of the information you find online. Information searching is a dynamic process, and it’s essential to keep a critical and open mind.

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