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7 original activities to do with friends

Now that summer’s here, everyone’s looking for new ways to get together ! Even if you can meet in a pub around a nice pint, you can also find new and original activities to do with your friends. So here are some ideas of what you can do, to pass the time outdoors and indoors with friends (town or countryside folks, everyone counts) :

The not always so lucky, “potluck”

Nice name isn’t it ?! It refers to a meal where everyone participates, and brings something to eat! Alright, you can’t really cook outside (or… can’t you? ?), BUT nothing forbids you from meeting up in a parc, or any other public place, to enjoy this co-produced meal. Here’s an idea to spice things a little : why not turn it into a contest? The greatest chef gets a pinte! Now let’s just hope that you guys are all great cooks, because you’ll have to taste everything!

Truth or dare

Everyone knows that a good game of truth or dare is always a good idea to ease up the atmosphere (and untie some tongs too ?). And we just happen to know a version of the game that might interest you. Intrigued are we? Find out more about the Truth or Dare app.


Now, we know what you’re thinking, “but if I live in the city how could I possibly hike?”. Every city has its mysteries and undiscovered neighbourhoods, so why not hike in the city? As for you, lucky countryside folks, nothing better than a good hike and fresh air to meet with your friends.

Treasure hunt in the city

Have you ever heard about geocashing ? It’s the biggest treasure hunt in the world, a good way to meet new people. No one’s ever too old for a good treasure hunt. You just have to find the right treasure to make thing interesting. The idea is quite simple, all of you have to find a little something to hide in a very discreet place in the city. You find 3 hints linked to your place and you give them to your friends. A fine way to get out and exercice without even noticing. When organising such activities, you can use Foxi, an app offering games and tours on your smartphone.

Outdoor games

Molki, outdoor bowling, soccer… Those are timeless ambiance games! All these games were created to help you bond with other people and have a good time outdoors! Fun nights and afternoons guaranteed!

Create your own “fury room”

Sometimes all you really want to do, is break something to feel better, and it’s even funnier when you do it with friends. This is exactly the purpose of the fury rooms. You’re in a room full of objects and you have the right to break everything around you. Now, surely you have stuff at home that you can’t give away to charity and that are destined to the trash? Why no give them a last tribute by using them to blow off some steam? Of course you have to stay reasonable and protect yourself, but you’ll see it’s pretty efficient. Afterwards, do not hesitate to recycle what’s left!

Boardgames with friends

If you’re looking for boardgames, or party games, ideas, we have a list of the best boardgames to do with friends right here! Boardgames is the best activity, and you can be sure it’ll never deceive you, even after hours. ❤

Now that should give you some ideas for the summer.
And don’t forget your sun cream on! ☀️

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