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Do your friends know you? The Psychopath game, a single-use game!

The Psychopath’ Game, or Doctor’s Game, is not a deadly or sexual game. You bunch of perverts. 😏 It’s only a game that relies on getting to know the people you play it with. A sort of large scale test to measure your degree of friendship. If you were looking for original activities to do with your friends, this one will exceed your expectations! Now that you’re intrigued, let’s get down to business, because it’s a bit complicated.
(Mouahahah that’s a demonic laugh, don’t judge ok?) 😈
SPOILER: This is a one-time use game, because once the rules are guessed and understood, you won’t be able to play it anymore. 

Psychopath Game rules, doctors’ side: 

The more of you there are, the better. The more you know about each other, the more fun it will be!
Sit in a circle, all visible, with the possibility of moving around (a bit like when you play The Werewolves of Millers Hollow). You designate two people (or more depending on how many you are) to be your doctors. You get them out of the room, far away, where they can’t hear you. This is vital if you want your game to succeed. It is imperative that they do not already know the psychopath’ game!
Their goal: to ask the patients questions to find out their symptoms (these are the rules to guess). The doctors only know two things: a patient always tells the truth (or what he/she thinks is the truth), and a patient can only answer with “yes”, “no”, or “I can’t answer that question”.
The game ends when the doctors have found and understood the 2 rules.

Section’s illustration of the one-time use the pyschopath game rules

The rules of the game, from the patients’ side: 

One of the players who knows the rules will explain them to the others, the patients. These rules will be your symptoms. There are two rules for this psychopath’ game. The first rule is that the person being questioned must always answer for the person on his right. He answers what he believes to be the truth, or when he knows it to be the truth. The person gives his perception of reality.
The second rule is that if the person is wrong in answering for the person being interviewed, you must say “Psychopath”. At this point, all the “sick” people get up and change places.
Patients must always tell the truth (or what they think it is) and can only answer with “yes”, “no”, or “I can’t answer that question”. 

With all of this, you’ll be playing those who will be your doctors for the duration of a game, and you’ll learn a bunch of unsuspected things about your friends! 👀
Your secrets may not be so well kept…

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