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Taste & guess weird food combinations with your friends

Discover or rediscover the weird food combinations game! With friends, during your parties or on vacation, have fun creating and guessing the foods that make up your delicious weird food combinations recipe.

A new game to play with your friends

The principle is simple: take two foods, condiments or drinks that are tasty but do not go together in a recipe (by taste, texture or other), and mix them!

By group or individually, guess what the weird food combinations are of to win the round. The group or the player who guesses the most recipes wins the game.

Be careful, some weird food combinations can surprise and introduce you to delicious combos of foods. For example, the mixture of milk and mint syrup would be one of them! What do you think, do you want to test this drink combination? 😁

Discover different weird food combinations

Examples of weird food combinations

Here are some examples of weird food combinations that are sure to wow your players palate!

Fruity food combinations:

  • Pizza & banana
  • Soy sauce & strawberry ice cream
  • Pineapple & ketchup
  • Grapes & chicken curry sandwich
  • Orange Omelet

Combinations based on drinks

  • Cola & milk
  • Orange juice and cereals
  • Water & bread
  • Lemonade & fresh cheese

Combinations based on vegetables

  • Carrot & jam
  • Avocado & chocolate spread
  • Salad & soup
  • Weight & peanut butter

Don’t hesitate to suggest other weird food combinations in the comments!

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