6 best multiplayer switch games to have fun with friends !

6 best multiplayer switch games to have fun with friends !

How about spending some chill evenings at home in front of the Switch ? With its portability and multiplayer mode, this console is perfect for multiplayer gaming sessions. Here are 6 must-have multiplayer games to have fun with several people.

More versus ?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Of course, obviously! It’s impossible to talk about multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch without mentioning the legendary Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This crazy racing game will let you race against up to 8 players at the same time, locally or online. 

Choose your favorite character from the Nintendo universe heroes and heroines (49 of them!), and launch yourself on colorful and improbable circuits. Easy like the Mushroom Gorges circuit 🍄 or a bit more challenging like the Dry Dry Desert !🏝️

With its many shortcuts (do you know them all?), its raging blue shells, and varied game modes: races, championships & battles. IN SHORT. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the sure value for having fun and challenging your friends !

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Despite being 6 years old, this game remains THE big classic on the Switch ! Do we really need to remind you of the concept ? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is THE ultimate multiplayer fighting game on the Nintendo Switch. 

With a cast of over 80 characters from the Nintendo universes, but also from many other cult franchises, you’ll be able to have memorable brawls with 4, 6 or even 8 players. 👊💥 Whether you’re a fan of Mario, Zelda, Pokémon or others, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will satisfy all your desires for friendly brawling. 💪

Rocket League

The daring mix between soccer and car racing, but it works perfectly ! ⚽️ Rocket League is a crazy game where you’ll have to pilot super-powered vehicles to score goals (with giant balls) in futuristic arenas. 

With its intuitive controls and addictive gameplay, Rocket League is a must-have for multiplayer matches whether locally or online. Does the first one to hit the ball really have the advantage in your opinion ? 🤔

More co-op ?

Mario Strikers Battle League Football

For Wii fans, you know how incredible this game is. Many were waiting for the release of a new Mario Strikers Charged Football ! So here it is ! 🤩 In this completely crazy game, you’ll be able to form a team with your favorite Mario universe characters and engage in 5-on-5 football matches, a bit violent though. 😅

But be warned, it’s really ALL-OUT WAR on the field. 🤯 Here, anything goes to score goals: shoving, hard tackles, and even using iconic items like shells or bananas ! The field can collapse and the ball can catch fire for example. 🔥🤷

So ? Crush your opponents and score as many goals as possible in total chaos. 🤯 Whether you play locally with friends or online, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will be the perfect opportunity to let loose ! 😈

Overcooked! 2

The Team17 and Ghost Town Games studios are back with Overcooked! 2, maybe the best multiplayer switch games in co-op. Like the first one, Overcooked is a co-op game where you’ll have to work together to prepare and serve orders in completely crazy kitchens. 🤪

You’ll need to coordinate well with your friends to cook, clean, and deliver the dishes on time, all while avoiding obstacles and traps littering your path. 🥵

With its frantic gameplay and wacky levels, Overcooked! 2 is a true test of teamwork and communication, but also an endless source of laughs. Remains to be seen if you’ll end up firing your friends from the kitchen.. 🍳

Splatoon 3: Explosive paint battle

Impossible to miss Splatoon 3, the latest episode of Nintendo’s famous paint shooter game series. In this title, you’ll embody beings that are half-human, half-squid, the Inklings, and face off against other teams in colorful battles. 🎨

The premise ? Two teams of 4 players face off with the goal of covering as much area as possible with their respective paint. But watch out, your opponents won’t hesitate to splat you to slow you down! Use strategy and dexterity to gain the advantage and claim victory. 🏆

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