Teens laugh at their pajama party while playing party games for teenagers

Pajama party for girls : the 5 best party games for teenagers

You want to organize a pajama party with your friends? We’ll let you take care of the decor for your girl’s night out and we’ll find you the best party games for teenagers!

Party games for teenagers: find the anecdote

You may already know this game for teenagers, it is simple and requires using all your imagination to win the game!

Each in turn, the players will have to tell 3 anecdotes: two real ones, and one invented anecdote.

The goal of the game for the other players will be to discuss among themselves in order to define, according to them, which of the anecdotes is false, if the players have not found which anecdote was invented, you win a point! After three rounds, you can define the winner!

Party games for teenagers: who knows me best?

Do you really know your friends 😎? That’s what you’re going to find out with this party game for teenager!

In turn, each player will have to ask 3 questions which the others will have to try to answer individually. For example:“What is my favorite animal 🐰?”

For each correct answer given, players get 1 point. So which of your friends knows you best?

You can also play this game with family, cousins or with your brothers and sisters!

Spiky, the new truth or dare app

Do you know the game Truth or Dare? With Spiky the party game for teenagers, you’ll love spending time with your friends 😁! To play it, you need a phone and the Spiky Truth or Dare mobile application. Answer the truth questions and discover juicy things about your friends! You prefer to choose a dare? So get ready to realize the many challenges available. Whether you are indoors in your room, or outdoors for a pajama party under the stars 🌌 for example, several levels with challenges adapted to your environment will be offered to you.

Games for teenagers: the yes or no game

A classic game for teenagers, but so funny! Extend the game throughout the evening and watch your opponents at the slightest “yes” or “no” pronounced! Two versions of this game are possible: the player who has pronounced a “yes” or a “no” can either be eliminated or be given a dare to make. Thus, you will have at the end of your evening the big winner 🥇 of the yes or no game! As the host of this pajama party, do not hesitate to prepare a small gift to give to the winner 😉!

Games for teenagers: the hunt for secrets

Because we love secrets and gossip 😁, the hunt fo secrets is one of the party games for teenagers we love! Each player write 3 secrets anonymously on small pieces of paper, do not hesitate to change your writing as well as the names of the people who would compose your secret, so that the other players cannot identify you when they read it.

In the middle of the players, place a bowl with all the secrets and start your game!

Take a piece of paper and reading the secret aloud. After thinking, you will need to name the player you think wrote the secret.

If you got it right, then you win a point! The player in question can then tell you the full story of their secret if they wish.

During the game, it is possible that you come across one of your papers, do not hesitate to put it back in the draw pile and draw a new paper.

Download the Truth or Dare app through the Apple Store for iOS Download the Truth or Dare app through the Google Play Store for Android

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