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Christmas gift ideas under 30 Euros

Christmas is a time of year when magic happens, but it’s also a time when our wallets can take a hit. 💸 Don’t panic, it’s entirely possible to please your loved ones without breaking the bank. Here is our selection of the best Christmas gift ideas under 30 euros to please your friends and family!

Fun and Original Christmas gift ideas

Building Sets

Who said Legos were just for kids? Giving a decorative Lego set as a Christmas gift is an excellent idea for those who love building and decorating. Whether it’s flowers, characters to build, or puzzles, Lego sets and puzzles will add a touch of originality to any interior. (And they’re cool to do!)

Merchandise from a Favorite Franchise

For pop culture fans, merchandise from the favorite franchise will be a real hit. Whether it’s a Star Wars mug ☕, a Harry Potter t-shirt, or a Funko Pop figure, you’re sure to please.

Christmas gift ideas for Decor Enthusiasts and Travelers

A Decorative Candle

For a warm and cozy Christmas gift, opt for a decorative candle 🕯. In addition to providing a gentle and soothing atmosphere, it will beautifully decorate the living room or bedroom of the person you’re giving it to.

A Personalized Notebook

Finally, for travel lovers, a personalized notebook is an ideal Christmas gift. You can write down the best places to visit according to you, sights to see, things to eat and drink… In short, a real tourist guide to your favorite city, to give to a loved one for a discovery weekend, for example!
We hope our selection of the best Christmas gift ideas under 30 euros will help you please your loved ones. 🥳

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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