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Win or dare: best challenge with friends

Are you seeing your friends soon? What if you take the opportunity to play win or dare 🤩?

Known on YouTube and a real trend on TikTok, this game is great for challenging yourself while having a good time with friends! The only limit is your imagination and the objects within your reach (smartphones, cups, bottles, chairs, etc.)

What is the concept of the game?

Playing win or dare is relatively simple. All you have to do is choose challenges to take up with friends, individually or as a team, then assign a dare to the losing players.

You can also make losers answer a truth or perform an action using Spiky.

won or dare the Youtube and TikTok trend with the best challenges for friends

Examples of challenges for win ord dare:

  • Win or dare: Hold your arms in the air as long as possible, the first to let go will have to drink a glass of milk with orange juice.
  • Win or dare: Stand on one leg, eyes closed! The first one whose two feet touch the ground must eat a spoonful of mustard.
  • Win or dare: Players have to fill a glass of water each in turn until the last drop, whoever makes it overflow will have to send a message to his/her crush!
  • Win or dare: Race in teams of two, with chairs on wheels (one person pushing the chair and the other sitting on it). The duo that arrives last, will have to play the rest of the game tied by one hand.
  • Win or dare: Bottle flip challenge! Whoever does the fewest bottle flips in 1 minute will have to bite into a lemon.
  • Win or dare: Game of musical chairs! The winner will have to draw a pencil tattoo on the loser.
  • Win or dare: The first to bring back… wins! Choose an object that each player must bring back, the last to bring back the object or to bring nothing back will have to end the game with 3 clothespins on their face.
  • Win or dare: How much battery do you have left? The player with the least battery will have to eat a weird food combinations.
  • Win or dare: The master’s tier-list! Choose a game master who will have to make a tier-list of his/her choice. Players will have to guess it, each correct answer counts for 1 point, whoever has the least points will have to do 20 push-ups in a row.

And if you want to test other games, you can also try the who is most likely to game? And find out if you really know your friends!

Download the Truth or Dare app through the Apple Store for iOS Download the Truth or Dare app through the Google Play Store for Android

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