Illustration of : Alternatives to Nightclubs: Concept Bars!

Alternatives to Nightclubs : Concept Bars! 😎

Nightclubs, often expensive, occasionally risky, and rather predictable, no longer resonate with the younger crowd. A study reveals that only 25% of Generation Z and 13% of Millennials still find pleasure in these nightlife experiences.

With more prudent consumption, high costs, and the dubious reputation of nightclubs, alternatives are gaining popularity. Concept bars are the new trend, offering a variety of experiences to share with friends! 👯

Did you enjoy our Top 8 original activities to do with friends instead of going to a nightclub 🍷? Here’s our new top, focusing on concept bars!

Beer, Wine, Liquor, or Cocktail Bars: Each to Their Own! 🍷

Illustration of a Wine Bar

Whether you’re a beer, wine, liquor, or cocktail fan, specialized bars have got you covered. Invite your friends for tastings, share your passion, and discover gems for unique gifts.

Beer Bars: Passion & Traditions 🍻

Why would you trade a nightclub for a beer bar? Imagine a place where the variety of beers takes you on a taste adventure, with exotic blondes, daring IPAs, and mysterious stouts. In a beer bar, each sip tells a story, whether it’s about the hops or the brewer. With such an eclectic selection, you and your friends can explore unique flavors together. No need to shout over deafening music; here, you share authentic moments with friends. 🍻🌟

Wine Bars: Heritage & Seduction! 🍷

These places are here to introduce you to and let you savor quality wine, with diverse menus and a selection of bottles to share or wine by the glass. Most offer hidden gems, private imports, organic, and even biodynamic wines. Of course, there are also appetizers or dishes, often with food and wine pairings crafted by chefs and sommeliers. The atmosphere is often intimate and subdued. In short, it’s the perfect combo for a casual get-together with friends, a laid-back evening, or even a Tinder date. 😏

Quality drinks and moments are found in these establishments, not in nightclubs. Check out spots near you and don’t miss any of their events!

⚠️ Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health. Consume with moderation.

Bars are Places of Celebration and Socialization! 🤝

Dance Bars: Heat Up the Dance Floor, Without the Worries! 🪩

For dance enthusiasts, dance bars are the answer. No more endless queues; here, you can dance freely all night! Some even offer themes, be it salsa, jazz, or techno. Admission is often free, unlike nightclubs. These bars go until 2 am, or even later. So why wait? Go dance all night! 💃

Karaoke: Singing Off-Key Allowed! 🎤

Music strengthens bonds, especially when you sing your heart out! Karaoke is the perfect spot to test your voice without pressure. Sing off-key, dance badly, no problem! Karaoke bars are welcoming places where you can test your musical talents without self-consciousness or judgment. 😎

Game Bars: Unmissable! 🎲

Tired of hanging out in the smoking area and doing nothing but downing drinks in a club? Game bars let you have fun with friends. Rivalry and laughter guaranteed with hundreds of board games. An ideal way to share friendly moments.

Concept Bars! Say Concept! 😁

Gourmet Bars: Drinks and Eats!

If you’re a food lover, gourmet bars will delight you: tapas, platters, pasta, oysters, or even soup bars are there for you. More and more bars offer snacks or local specialties for quick consumption. Enough to spend the night with a full stomach. No more 3 am sandwich after leaving the nightclub that makes you nauseous the next day. Discover exquisite flavors with friends and delight your taste buds all night. 😋

Bars with Animals: Cuddles Included! 🐾

Animals in nightclubs, we’ll pass… However, bars with animals are irresistible! 🥰 Cuddle with cats 🐈, relax with dogs 🐕, or even sip a beer with owls 🦉. More and more bars are opening with increasingly amazing animals. Strict rules apply to consumers and establishments: animal welfare above all!

Themed Bars & Pop Culture! 🚀

Fan of pop culture? Themed bars are made for you. Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite movies and TV shows. If you love quizzes or want to be immersed in a universe you adore, several bars offer these kinds of evenings. Haven’t gone to sip your butterbeer at the Hog’s Head 🪄 yet? It’s probably right around the corner!

Cabarets: The Live Experience! 🎭

Cabarets offer an exceptional live entertainment experience that nightclubs may struggle to provide. You are immediately immersed in a unique, colorful, and timeless world! Between French Cancan performances, burlesque dances, and Drag Shows, with famous artists or emerging talents, the cabaret can be an unforgettable cultural experience. It’s a memorable and entertaining way to spend an evening or night with friends!

Illustration of a Cabaret Bar

Outsiders bars 😎

Associative Bars: Drink, But… for a Good Cause! 🤝

Support causes that matter to you while having an unforgettable evening. Associative bars offer affordable drinks, enriching encounters, and hidden gems to discover. These places are perfect for encountering influential personalities. Numerous events of all types are organized there, so be sure to follow your favorite establishment on social media 😉.

Illustration of a Cafe-Library

Bars & Cafe-Libraries 📚☕️

Bars or cafe-libraries are pretty cool, you know! It’s a place where you can grab your coffee, beer, or snack while reading a good book. The atmosphere is laid-back, perfect for chatting and discovering great books. And honestly, there are more and more of them, offering a real moment of disconnection for yourself or to share with friends. It’s really relaxing. 📚☕

Alcohol-Free Bars or Dry Bars, Party Without Headaches! 🍹

Whether you’re looking for alcohol-free drinks by choice or necessity, Dry Bars are THE solution! Prevention, inclusion, or just an alcohol-free break, these bars offer a recognized service without social pressure. These are perfect places to discover unique cocktails and redefine prejudices and party dictates!

So, which concept bar do you prefer? 🤔

We hope you enjoyed this non-exhaustive list; many other concept bars exist and are created every day: tattoo bars, comedy club bars, connected bars… Stay Tuned 👀

These alternatives offer unique and memorable adventures without emptying your wallet or compromising your safety. It’s up to you to choose which will become your new Saturday night tradition! 🌟

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