Texas Hold’em: Beyoncé viral on TikTok, ready to country dance ?

Texas Hold’em: Beyoncé viral on TikTok, ready to country dance ?

Texas Hold’em, a real poker move from Beyoncé that is going viral on TikTok! Watching artists dance has always been a wonderful sight, but with the emergence of TikTok, this passion has transformed into a truly global trend. What is the reason why dances are so popular on this platform? Back to the last dance that feels good, Beyoncé’s Texas Hold’em song puts the whole planet online!


Replying to @Hillary We went full cowboy on this one but still, This ain’t Texas💃 #texasholdem @Beyoncé #smashtalentkidsafrica #trending #foryou

♬ Beyoncé x CYRIL – Cyril Riley

Why are dances so popular on TikTok?

TikTok has 1.2 billion monthly active users. Suffice to say that dances are the most popular category of the application. The “dance” category remains the most shared on the application to this day. TikTok is a place where everyone can express themselves with short videos. Due to its nature, short format and variety of music, above all, TikTok has helped everyone become rising dance stars in a viral universe. It’s also just a simple and fun activity to do. 😜

What is a TikTok trend?

A “trend” on TikTok is a series of videos sharing the same concept, the same music or the same challenge, and which goes viral on the platform, becoming fashionable at the same time. Trends are most often started by well-known designers or celebrities and quickly gain millions of views all over the world.

Among recent trends, the return of country dancing with Beyoncé’s single: Texas Hold’em has already flooded TikTok. And it’s a trend that feels good! We will explain everything to you !

Texas Hold’em: The return of Beyoncé and country

The queen of pop has once again captivated the public with her latest album COWBOY CARTER and particularly her single Texas Hold’em. This song, with its catchy rhythms and simple lyrics, quickly took over TikTok, becoming a go-to track for over 95K videos posted with the hashtag #texasholdem. A pop and country song that exudes the joy of living and brings together all generations.

How to play the Texas Hold’em trend?

So as always on TikTok, feel free to appropriate the different trends that are happening in your FYP! Country dancing or line dancing is one of the most popular and simplest dances. You probably have colleagues or parents registered in an online dance club: ask them for some advice. You can also follow these different tutorials on TikTok:


Replying to @Nice Santosoficial✅ learn this fun dance with me 🫣 beyonce texas hold em them dance tutorial slowed and mirrored slow mirror slowmo dc @Matt McCall @Dexter Mayfield #fyp #foryoupage #beyonce #texasholdem #beyoncetexasholdem #beyoncetexasholdemdance #dancetutorial #dancetok #anabensig #dancechallenge #viral #trending #tiktokph #tiktokusa

♬ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM – Beyoncé

Once you’re well trained, turn on the music and let’s go!

Texas Hold’em: a family trend

With the return of good weather, this trend comes at the right time, don’t you think? Go out into the street or the garden and try to do the best family dance. You can also disguise the whole family to make sure they match the country theme:

And good vibes ! 😜


Replying to @C. Davis I think it’s been decided that @Dexter Mayfield and @Matt McCall created the “official” dance for this one! And even our dogs enjoyed the show 🐕🐕‍🦺🐾 #family #beyonce #dance #texasholdem #marriedlife

♬ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM – Beyoncé

With songs like Texas Hold’em, a wave of joie de vivre is spreading on TikTok, music brings users together from all over the world, so what are you waiting for to put on your boots?

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