Truth or Dare: 15 game stories

After having proposed you examples of truth or dare questions for your evenings with friends, many of you have tested our Truth or Dare application! You also appreciated the possibility of writing your personalized Truth or Dare questions to create interesting situations during your games. Today we are sharing 15 game stories, including sexual truth or dare stories (admit it, that’s what interests you the most 😏).

Here we go !

Your worst truth and dare stories

  1. “When your mix & twist dare introduces you to your new favorite food mix…”
  2. “When your body tells you it’s time to get back to sports because you had an asthma attack after a sack race…”
  3. “When during the whole evening and every new minute, you have to sing like a cock 🐓”
  4. “When you’re wondering about a potential future career as a tattoo artist, because you’ve had all the ‘drawing on the body of…’ challenges.”
  5. “When you realize why your girlfriend only wears sneakers, after spending the evening in VERY HIGH heels. 😵”
  6. “When you realize that you managed, blindfolded, to identify your friends thanks to their smell…😨”
  7. “When your boyfriend chooses to be with his best friend if he has to end up on a desert island with just one person…”
  8. “When you find out that your darling has the same phobia as you and that she won’t be able to save you from the Itsy Bitsy spider and her friends 🕷🕷🕷!”
  9. “When your friends cat starts attacking you because you’re a toilet paper mummy and that TOILET PAPER SO FUN 😭!”
  10. “When you find out that your calm and serious buddy has a totally opposite background!”

Your sexual truth and dare stories

  1. “When the voice playback activated while you were playing with your friends ‘quietly’ on Hard level, at your parents’ house…🤭”
  2. “When you have to reveal your crush’s name while she’s right in front of you……😱”
  3. “When you find yourself ‘heterocurious’ after kissing your friend 👀…”
  4. “When you learn that your friend could also be tempted by a one-night stand with you…😏” Our truth or dare app for couples is here to help you kick off your hot evening and allow you to discover yourself at your own pace!
  5. “When you have to swap clothes with another girl player while you’re a guy, and you go home to your parents having forgotten to take your clothes back…This little dress gives me nice buttocks 🍑😍!”

So, did you recognize your stories or those of your friends?
Feel free to share your worst truth or dare anecdotes in comments if you want to read a second article 😉!

For newcomers, you can test our Truth or Dare app by downloading it here, we guarantee you a great evening with friends 😁!

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