A group of young people play a quiz with friends

Who knows me best? Questions for a best friend quiz

How well do you know your friends? Like, really good? It’s time to organize a best friend quiz night like the game “who knows me best” to check all this!

And if you’re out of questions to ask, we’ve got you covere:

  1. How do I describe my ideal partner?
  2. What do I eat/drink when I’m sad?
  3. What is my favorite type of movie?
  4. Between Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and OCS, and if I had to choose only one subscription, which one would I choose?
  5. What do I prefer between a gaming evening and an afternoon shopping?
  6. Do I prefer Halloween or Christmas?
  7. What series do I wish I could go to?
  8. What kind of clothes do I love?
  9. What is my biggest fear?
  10. Do I crush on a personality (or crush on a friend)?
  11. What animal will I dream of being able to adopt?
  12. Am I jealous/jealous in love?
  13. Who was (is) my favorite cartoon character?
  14. What is my greatest pride?
  15. Am I more rock or rap?
  16. What is my favorite season? And why ?
  17. Am I more of a night owl or an early riser?
  18. Which social network do you prefer? (Include YouTube, Twitch, etc.)
  19. If I were to start a career as an influencer, what would be my area of influence?
  20. What helps me de-stress immediately?

Did this best friend quiz tell you more about your friends? To discover anecdotes? Do not hesitate to share them in comments and read our article on truth or dare game stories!

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