Festival with friends : survival tips

Festival with friends : survival tips

The sunny days are coming back and the summer holidays with your friends are coming just as quickly! Who says vacation, says summer, and says festival! Festivals with friends are often eagerly awaited and sometimes scheduled months in advance. Going to a festival with friends is a unique experience, you are all immersed together in a new universe full of possibility and freedom !

Are you already well prepared to leave? Have you bought your tickets yet? After our advice our ideas for original activities with friends, here are some tips for having a good festival with friends!

Why go to a festival with friends ?

Is this your first time? Participating in a festival with friends offers an unprecedented experience, music and the performing arts become the link for your moments of sharing and complicity. Whether it’s discovering new artists, listening to your favorite bands or simply enjoying the festive atmosphere, the festival is the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Festival with friends: why go to a festival with friends

Good practices in a festival

Going to a festival requires a certain amount of organization and some good practices to guarantee a pleasant and safe experience. Among these, the choice of bag for example. So we’ve put together a little checklist for you of the essentials to have at a festival.

Before moving on to the list, don’t forget to respect the basic festival principles:

  • Have fun!
  • Share!
  • Respect other festival-goers and the artists.
  • Take care of yourself! ✌️

Checklist for a peaceful festival trip!

Before leaving for a festival, it is essential to prepare a list of essential items to take with you. Among these elements, we recommend :

  • A shoulder bag(the fanny pack): you would be tempted to take a good old backpack, but, BE CAREFUL, thefts remain numerous and are very easy with a backpack. Also, think of the other festival-goers, I don’t think they really want to get kicked in the pit! The shoulder bag is more practical, always close at hand, light and less disturbing for others! 🍌
  • Comfortable shoes: if you are staying several days, it is better to be comfortable the whole time! 🥾
  • Sun cream: yes, the weather is nice, it’s hot and you’re going to spend your day outside, often in a very open place and in the middle of the countryside. So protect yourself from UV rays otherwise you risk ending up like a tub of vanilla/strawberry ice cream. It’s not pretty and it hurts really bad! Bonus protection: the hat !👒 Classy & refreshing!
  • Water, water always water, although bottles are prohibited at festivals, try to hydrate yourself as much as possible before entering. On site you may or may not have the chance to benefit from free running water. 🚰
  • Some useful medications: heat, alcohol, street food… 💩 If you want to avoid a painful & embarrassing moment, take an immodium or a smecta in your bag. This will make your beast super powerful and ready for war. Ditto for the difficult next day, a little doliprane will do good. Be careful though, doliprane damages the liver (like alcohol) so to avoid migraines: don’t drink too much, drink lots of water and if despite everything it hits, you can use peppermint or balm tiger! 🐯🪴
  • Handkerchiefs and other papers : we don’t think about it enough, but sometimes there are small shortages at festivals, a pack of tissues can save your life!
  • Sweater and scarf: warm during the day, cool at night! You’ve been dancing all day, you’ve been sweating, so you’re damp and when night falls you’ll quickly feel the difference. A little piece of clothing to warm you up will do you a world of good! 🧣
Festival with friends: good practices

Bonus advice : How not to lose your friends at a festival?

There are many, many people at the festival. They are sometimes even called “small ephemeral towns”! That’s saying something! Losing friends at a festival can therefore be a source of stress, especially when conditions do not facilitate communication. Music and shouting sometimes make communication very complicated! And then we all have that friend who runs off for no reason and disappears! To avoid finding yourself in this situation, several tips can be put in place:

  • A recognizable outfit: remember Pink Guy ? You probably know him as Joji by now 😎, in any case it can be a good inspiration to be well recognizable at a festival. Without being so extreme, remember to have a colored hat, or a recognizable t-shirt!
  • The meeting place: A good idea when you remember it! 😂 Use in moderation, because it’s all about trust!
  • To get on stage ? Mh not the best idea, but in some festivals it’s OK to do it! ✌️

Moment of calm rhymes with play between friends!

There are always little moments of calm during a festival, but the fun never ends! 😜

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Fully enjoy the experience !

By following these tips and tricks, you will be better prepared to fully experience a festival with friends. Without stress or great apprehension! So, put on some comfortable shoes, grab your bag and get ready to go on an unforgettable festival adventure!

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